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Story About Us

Our Great Story

This is an inspiring story of a breakthrough vision, steeped in unmatched quality, timeless architecture and a passion for luxury living, envisioned to bring families closer in one-of-a-kind verdant settings. This is a unique call to experience green and safe investment where every chapter in life is artfully balanced by nature to create cherished moments, measured by family laughter and well-being to ensure your investment value is effortlessly doubled. La Verde Developments introduces captivating chapters of beauty and luxuries at your doorstep to provide you with peace and enjoyment in equal measure. A true testament to integrated contemporary living, set to forever change the way communities live, work, shop and enjoy.


Exceptional Quality

Quality is an integral part of our DNA and the guiding catalyst driving our journey towards success. That’s why, we are constantly committed to offering the highest in quality and safety standards through premium spaces and value-added products that take integrated living to new heights.


At La Verde, the future is green. Therefore, we put sustainability at the heart of our business, not only preserving the environment in which we operate, but also building communities according to green global standards, allowing people to connect with nature while benefiting from natural resources in the safest and most efficient way.


We hold ourselves up to the highest standards of integrity by dealing with our clients and stake holders with full honesty and transparency at all times. We always focus on doing the right thing by applying a strict ethical business conduct and utmost professionalism, fostering a culture of accountability and trust.


 We put the wellbeing of our community at the forefront of all our operations. Internally, we care about our employees as our growing community and ensure that they collaborate to thrive while always feeling appreciated. Externally, we build value to enrich the lives of our community, guaranteeing a hassle-free living experience that allows them to grow and connect. 


We are constantly innovating in our offerings, as well as our way of thinking to introduce quality products that guarantee the highest return on investment.

A Letter From The CEO

Dear Esteemed Clients,

The future is green and growing fast. Therefore, I’m delighted to be sharing with you La Verde Development’s distinctive vision, primarily focusing on enhancing livability and well-being through green investment opportunities not offered elsewhere. In a highly competitive industry driven by rapid construction, as well as heavy-use of concrete, we stand out by creating lasting value through

breathing spaces of utmost luxury putting nature, as well as our community’s vitality as cornerstones.

Globally, the demand for sustainable solutions and green cities is on the rise. And in 2020, Egypt is aligned by launching its nationwide initiative  ‘Prepare for Green’ to fight the alarming pollution rates and drastic climate change whilst raising awareness on the importance of conserving the earth’s natural resources for a brighter future for all. Consequently, our green brainchild; La Verde New Capital  was introduced to fulfill the world’s sustainable vision by building a true integrated green model, straight in the heart of what is set to become Egypt’s booming new capital. By dedicating 80% to green open landscapes and artificial lakes, our masterplan guarantees to conserve the earth’s natural resources through effective use of solar energy, as well as waste and water management solutions but also fosters a balanced lifestyle where homeowners can thrive in an ecologically safe and sustainable context where everything they give back to the earth returns and multiplies.

Investing in the future begins today, and that namely translates to choosing Cairo’s Administrative Capital, sustainability and La Verde. We vow to leverage our years of expertise, our passion for details and our uncompromising commitment to unrivaled quality to bring you a truly integrated experience where timeless architecture seamlessly blends with retail luxuries, breathtaking nature, quality education and medical excellence at your door. We look forward to growing with you from strength to strength, redefining the conventional idea of investment while enriching every aspect of your well-being along our journey.

Chief Executive Officer
Ibrahim Lasheen

About Us

Established in 2017 with luxury integrated living at its heart, La Verde Development is strongly emerging as a leading real estate company putting quality, ceaseless innovation and community at the forefront of all its operations. With an eye on excellence and a dedication to exceed every expectation, La Verde Development introduces a unique outlook on contemporary, mixed-use residential living to provide an attractive melange of timeless architecture, sustainable landscaping and commercial excellence, offering green safe investment in strategic locations like Cairo’s New Administrative Capital.