Is the new capital really a catch?

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Cairo's Crowded Traffic
Cairo's Crowded Traffic

Driving through the streets of 969 AD’s built Cairo, experiencing its astonishing glamour dating more than a millennium and built over a much older cities the dates to another millennia, however felt annoyed by its crowded routs, and disturbing lack of green landscape at most of its alleys, which felt very stressful for me on daily bases as a resident, and came to feel an urge to move to a greener less crowded place, for easing the day to day stresses, that seem to cumulate for me and I bet for most of fellow Cairo residents may be even yourself dear reader as well. Here when I come to hear about the new constructional investments of the new administrative capital.

Where is new administrative capital of Egypt?

The proposed new capital of Egypt is 45 km east of Cairo, lying between the Cairo-Suez road, and the Cairo-Ain El Sokhna road, with an intended capacity of 6.5 million residents, 21 residential areas and 650km of roads, beside an international airport.

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Cairo's other face

But Let’s be realistic here, is the new administrative capital of Egypt. Or any other newly built urban area worth leaving the greatest most prestigious city of Egypt and Africa (Cairo)?

Well let’s weight our chances of finding our Neverland.

As a matter of fact, some Egyptians like myself may feel cautious about moving to a local newly built urban area, with a list of newly completed cities already established through the past half century, some were even hoped to be present one day a Cairo alternative thus resembling a new capital,  although turned today to currently have a low percentage of inhabitation, sometimes weak services and unregulated transportation means, with its residents struggling back and forth to the nearest older urban area to attend their work or seek a service. However, cannot ignore the fact of presence of some projects that have succeeded to break the curse, 6 of October city which seems increasingly growing in population slowly but steadily, and 10th of Ramadan city which has proven a promising industrial city.

However, the new administrative capital seems to be a different case than the other cities, as it is clearly intended and branded to be built for a Governmental relocation, which is a major step aiming to reduce the stress over the 1051-year-old city, the new capital of egypt is strictly designed and planned to have everything Cairo hasn’t, from a better newly designed infrastructure, to the coherent modern design of the constructions, that new alleys of Cairo mostly lack when built randomly and the green landscape that makes a good portion of its design, to the easy means of transportation other new cities lack.

new capital
The constructions of the new capital

The proposed new capital of Egypt which has not been named yet, has been left with that honoring adjective as both a temporary and a branding name, to market with, like, what would ever be a better advertisement or attraction for a city than being the new center of the Egyptian soil? Don’t you agree with me?

Cairo by the Nile

Even seems to me that the new administrative capital may be the missing puzzle piece that Cairo needs to recover its welfare and hidden beauty, only upon a major population movement the new city to experience its better services and infrastructure, if does succeeds to attract them upon its completion.

Until now the new capital with billions of investments in its design, constructions and infrastructure has shown to withstand the dream of being a well-established attractive city, and still holds tightly to its dream of succeeding in being the next capital of Egypt.

proposed new capital of egypt

After a while off doubt, I come to believe that the new capital of Egypt is a good alternative to bet on for a better life and stress free future for my family, a new city dream to recommend to others, and a promising place that we hope will succeed passing the qualifications tests for being eligible to carry the precious title as the new center of Egyptian administration and the new heart of Egypt . so, after all I am going to be catching one of the early opportunities before they get sold-out. What about you? Will you hold to Cairo? Or will you move like me? that is your decision to make.

Have a look at La Verde – New Capital compound at the best location at the heart of the new Capital and with a 78% green landscape.